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Important Notice

Attention: Important Notice

1)  It has come to our attention that a person by the name of Scott Peabody appeares to be using  material that is very outdated (as much as 18+ years old) and using cards that he has made appear similar  to our company cards  as well as stating he is Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training. This person, his staff and family is in no way associated with this company and never have been. This company is owned by Tamara E Fairley and has been since 1991. Ms. Fairley has never given this person permission to use the name or materials of this company. Several reports have been made that the cards and books he issues appear almost identical to those developed and used solely by this company. This persons’ teaching credentials; if any, are unknown to this company. This person is NOT authorized to use any of our organizations material or authorized to teach any of our clients. This person is located in Southwest WA state. If approached by anyone saying they are a representative of this company in order to solicit your business, please confirm with the owner, Tamara Fairley. Any cards issued by someone other then our approved instructors will not be honored or valid. We strive to use only top quality instructors who have been monitored and proven their teaching skills……when in doubt…..check it out. Thank you for your understanding.




2)  Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training is NOT connected in any way shape or form to a new company based in Wauconda WA called "Keep the Beat LLC". They are a training company that is run by a Red Cross Instructor and are not a part of us. They began their company in April of 2019 in this state.  

Services we offer


*       We teach your staff at your work place or facility.

*       We teach days and times that are convenient to your schedule. That means, days, evenings, weekends that work for YOU.

*        Our staff has excellent knowledge for job issues relating to construction contractors, Adult Family Homes/nursing homes, daycares, gyms/fitness centers, professional offices and manufacturiers.

*        We meet OSHA/WISHA requirements.

*       Our courses are taught using the most current standards in CPR.

*        We find out your needs and build our training around the emergencies you or your staff are likely to encounter.

*       We offer discounts in cost for larger groups.

*        We also offer discounts to repeat clients.

Prices and student size:

  • There is no minimum number of students per class. If you have one person or one hundred people, we welcome all size groups. We charge "per person". The larger the group the smaller the per person price.


  • Payment for class is due at the class. You only pay for the students attending and if you need to cancel or post-pone the class for any reason we will be more then happy to work with you.


  • We never charge for "travel time"; if you book a class with us the ONLY fee you pay is for the students; not for our instructors driving to and from your class. 


  • If you wish to "split" your class into more then one session there is no extra fee. Again, you only pay the fee for each student.



How Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training started…

Tamara has been an instructor of Basic Life Support since 1991. She has taught for King County Emergency Medical Services through 1996. She established Keep the Beat in 1995. Tamara has worked in medical research since 1988 dealing with such topics as first responder early defibrillation, cardiac survival, physical rehab and adult day health care.  She has worked with many respected physicians and staff, including world known Dr. Eisenberg and Dr. Cummins during her time with King County EMS. Tamara credits these doctors with giving her the knowledge and passion for teaching that has committed her to excellence and superior training. Tamara has been fortunate to have two very special ladies and one man who, over the years, have mentored her. She holds both Chris McGrath, Barbara Welles and paramedic/instructor Ron Quincey in the highest regard. Thank you for mentoring and for showing Tamara what excellent, quality teaching is all about (and never allowing her to give up, no matter how much she tried)! Every since the first class Tamara taught she felt the need to continue and to strive to teach every citizen she met this life saving skill called CPR. In 2001 Tamara was able to make her dream come alive as a full time career. This is when she was able to stop working full time for others while teaching part-time. She opened her doors to full time teaching and hasn’t looked back since! 


Keep the Beat offers classes that meet the state Labor & Industries WAC requirements for businesses in need of Emergency Medical Preparedness Classes.  Keep the Beat has taken many years of experence to create a detailed course using the most current standard.


All staff and instructors at Keep the Beat have an excellent background in the Emergency Medical Services field and understand the needs in the home and workplace that concern us all.


Please note: Our company does not offer online courses

AHA allows online classes; however at this time our company requires physical attendance in class with evaluation by a certified instructor. Thank you for your understanding.


Below is a list of the NON- foster parent classes. These are for people who are NOT covered in foster classes. All of the classes on this page do cost. The are NOT free. Price depends on type of class wanted and how many students attending. Email our office for a quote. Keepthebeatdshs@aol.com

Classes we offer you...

  Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training offers classes 24/7. If you are interested in a course but need an evening or weekend, no problem. We will do our best to work around what you need. We have a large variety of CPR/First Aid/AED/Bloodborne Pathogen classes to select from. All of our classes meet and/or exceed the guidelines set forth by the State of Washington. All cards are valid for two years. Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training will send reminder letters to larger companies when renewal is due.

1.       Heartsaver and First Aid                                   

This class meets the requirement of American Heart Association for CPR in the work place as well as the WAC requirements for First Aid.

2.       Infant / child Heartsaver                          

This class covers infant and child CPR..

3.       Heartsaver for Adult, child, infant CPR and adult first aid.                          

This class combines the pervious two listed.

4.       Heartsaver AED or Healthcare provider and First Aid                            

This course teaches the basic techniques of adult CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

5.       Combo standard course

This course is a combo of infant/child/adult CPR/BBP and first aid. This is not AHA book or material but our own (Keep the Beat) material. Cards are also good for 2 years with this class, you will be issued our company card at the end of the course. 



Note: class length depends on number of students enrolled and type of class taken.

According to WAC 296-800-150, every employer must have first aid trained personnel available to help employees who are injured or need assistance in a medical emergency on the job. To ensure this there are two options you can choose.

1) Develop and maintain a written plan

2) Maintain first aid trained staff on all job sites.

Classes must include both CPR and First Aid and contain the following...

t                      The role and responsibilities of the 1st aid provider

t                      how to assess the scene

t                      perform initial & ongoing assessment of person in need

t                      scene safety

t                      body substance isolations

t                      performing emergency moves

t                      placing person in recovery position

t                      opening and maintaining an airway

t                      providing rescue breathing

t                      managing obstructed airway

t                      performing adult one rescuer CPR

t                      recognize the signs/symptoms of medical emergencies

t                      recognize/care for decreased levels of responsiveness

t                      controlling bleeding /recognize internal bleeding

t                      recognizing /stabilizing spinal injuries

t                      recognizing /stabilizing suspected skeletal injuries

t                      voluntary provisions of 1st aid, consent & confidentiality

 Keep the Beat covers all of the above topics in the first aid courses listed above