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Update July 1 2020

We have a tough announcement for our foster caregivers. As of midnight June 30, 2020 we are unable to offer you free CPR/BBP/First Aid Training. We hope that this is a temporary situation however we do not know if it will be. As many of you know, there are several programs that work with the state DCYF and Alliance on contract that expired besides our contract.


We are in a bit of shock and unknown waters with all of it. But once our cities open up to larger group gatherings we plan on booking classes for you. The only difference will be that you will need to pre-pay for your class when you call (or email) to register with us. We are so sorry it has to be this way but we have no choice. You will have the same instructors you have enjoyed over the last 14 years and the same level of class; you will have your card that covers everything that is required for you to help the children. On another sad note, we will have no funding for interpreter services as all. We can offer the booklet in Spanish and English at this time but that is the only service we can offer currently. You are welcome to bring your own interpreter if you would like.


Once we have classes booked and you register and pay, if you cannot attend the class your fee will carry over to another date that you can attend. Due to the high cost of hosting classes we can’t issue refunds but we are happy to move you to another course date without any additional fees.


We are devastated that this change had to come and we hope to one day be able to offer the classes for free again. Please check back often on classes and how to register. Once we can book spaces we will post the classes. We may be limited in area for awhile as well but will grow and the needs grow.


I was informed that they do have an online class listed on the Alliance website. It is not our company and we do not work for them so I do not know anything about their classes. Please see the Alliance website for that option. It has also been brought to our attention that the possibility for free classes in person and hands on could become available, however at this time we have no further information. 


Thank you everyone for what you do for the youth in need in our state. It has been amazing to work with and know so many of you over all these years.  



Keep The Beat Owner and Staff






PS on a side note: if you take an online course please check out the company. There are MANY that are not honest and you need to research them.  You will also (with a legit company) be required to not only take the online course but also attend a in person class to test your skills. 

Mobile devices:

Mobile devices: If you are using this site with your cell phone PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN. Once there click on the word "CLASSIC" You will now see the website just like it looks on a computer. The page will no longer be "hard to read" or "scrambled"

This page is for foster parents to locate classes



To register

PLEASE send your information in an email to keepthebeatdshs@aol.com


 NOTE: Email is the fastest way for you to register. You will be added to the class list. You do not need to do anything further at that point unless you recieve an email asking for more information. 

In the email list the following...

Student names:
Contact e-mail:
Contact phone:
Date of class:
Location of class:





During the class....

Please, when attending class:
Turn cell phones on silent
No texting during class
No game devices during class
No books/newspapers/e-readers during class
If you bring a younger child please bring something for them to do quietly during class

Thank you for your understanding and of being mindful of fellow students and instructors. We hope you enjoy the course.

2020 classes

Updated class dates and locations will be announced July 1st as well as new sign up process. Check back to see announcements at that time. Thank you for your understanding at this time.

Attention: Important Notice

Attention: Important Notice

1)  It has come to our attention that a person by the name of Scott Peabody appeares to be using  material that is very outdated (as much as 18+ years old) and using cards that he has made appear similar  to our company cards  as well as stating he is Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training. This person, his staff and family is in no way associated with this company and never have been. This company is owned by Tamara E Fairley and has been since 1991. Ms. Fairley has never given this person permission to use the name or materials of this company. Several reports have been made that the cards and books he issues appear almost identical to those developed and used solely by this company. This persons’ teaching credentials; if any, are unknown to this company. This person is NOT authorized to use any of our organizations material or authorized to teach any of our clients. This person is located in Southwest WA state. If approached by anyone saying they are a representative of this company in order to solicit your business, please confirm with the owner, Tamara Fairley. Any cards issued by someone other then our approved instructors will not be honored or valid. We strive to use only top quality instructors who have been monitored and proven their teaching skills……when in doubt…..check it out. Thank you for your understanding.




2)  Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training is NOT connected in any way shape or form to a new company based in Wauconda WA called "Keep the Beat LLC". They are a training company that is run by a Red Cross Instructor and are not a part of us. They began their company in April of 2019 in this state.  


Foster Parent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):  

Q:  I would like to register for a Foster Parent CPR, First Aid, BBP class.  What information do you need from 

me in order to register?

A: In order to register you on the class list we need the Date and Location (city) of the class you would like to attend. 

 We also need your full name

 including spelling and your phone number.  You will be called or emailed back with confirmation. 


Q: How do I register for a class?


A: If you are a foster parent within the State of Washington or with a private agency or with DSHS this page will host

 a list of CPR & First Aid classes by region for you to attend. 

PLEASE send your information in an email to keepthebeatdshs@aol.com


In the email list the following...

Student names:
Contact e-mail:
Contact phone:
Date of class:
Location of class:


You can also call with this information and leave a message at:

To sign up for a class that is listed please call 253-217-1105 (Mon- Fri 9am to 5 PM)
 for long distance calls: 1-888-704-6074(Mon- Fri 9am to 5 PM) 
NOTE: Email is the fastest way for you to register.

PLEASE: Give us at least 24 hours to return your calls and e-mails. We try to contact you by the following

 business day. Due to the high volume of calls every day it is sometimes difficult to contact you on the day you called. We keep 

very detailed call logs of when you call and when we return your call. If you are having a problem please e-mail keepthebeatwa@aol.com

This is the e-mail address to use ONLY if you are having a problem with the other e-mail address or phone. Thank you.


PLEASE NOTE: our office hours are mon-fri 9 am to 5 pm. We are NOT open to return calls or e-mails

 on the weekends. HOWEVER, starting Jan 8, 2007 we will check voice mails on Saturdays from

 8am to 10:30 am for EMERGENCY calls only. We do everything possible to prevent emergencies on

 the day of class and will do everything humanly possible to accommodate/remedy problems.

Q: What does your Foster Parent Course include?

A:  Our Foster Parent course is an all-inclusive course. 

This class list meets all of your needs as a foster parent. When you take this class you will have CPR training for all three age groups

 (infant/child/adult), you will have BBP training (yes this includes HIV in this section), and you will have general first aid training

 (which also includes basic child safety tips for the home). 

Q: What books/cards/class materials are used?

A: We are all trained instructors with AHA; But due to the foster parent course content we DO NOT use AHA books, or cards. The 

course you take has much more info then found in any one AHA book, therefore the book and card you receive was designed with

 forster care requirements in mind. We do not claim that the card or book is in anyway endoresed or used in the standard AHA classes.

Q: I am a Foster Parent. What is my cost for the class?

A: There is no cost to any Foster Parent (in the process or licensed), Respite providers, or caregivers of foster children. 


Q: Do you provide child care during classes?

A: Sorry, No we do NOT provide child care.  However, if it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to find child care you may bring the child(ren) 

with you to class.  Please note:  If there is too much of a distraction the instructor may ask you to leave.

Q: I am a Health Care Provider (EMT, Paramedic, Firefigher, First Responder, Nurse, Doctor) that has ALS, ACLS or PALS

 training.  Do I need to take the entire Foster Parent Course?

A: NO, you need to contact Tamara Fairley directly. You must provide a copy of the training you have and you will be issued you

 BLS card and certificate for Foster Parents. Please understand that some offices you may deal with do not know or understand

 the "levels" of training and may tell you that you must take this course. If that is the case; again; contact Tamara Fairley DIRECTLY

 at 253-804-6074.

Q: The class I want to sign up for says "TBA" for the location. 

A:  This means the class is scheduled as planned but the location is "TO BE ANNOUNCED".  We will call everyone on the class

 list when a location is confirmed as well as post it on the website. 

Q: I lost my card and/or certificate.  Can I obtain another one?

A: Yes.  Call us or email us with your Name, Phone number & mailing address as well as the Date and Location you attended the 

class and we will mail you out another one. 

PLEASE: make copies of your certifiate as SOON as you get it. This will help you incase you cant find the orginal when you need

 it. We get alot of requests because people misplace them, it can slow things down for you if we have to mail or fax out another

 one. So play it safe and make copies 

Q: I do not see the city I live in on the class schedule.  Is my city not available?

A:  We have a lot of Foster Parent classes state-wide.  It is difficult for us to reach every city needed.  Please choose from the list

 available for the closest class to you.

Q: Do you offer in-home Foster Parent classes?

A:  DSHS no longer allows us to train in your home

Q:  Do I have to attend the Foster Parent class in the region I live in?

A: No, you can attend any of the pre-scheduled classes.  Does not matter which region you live in.

Q: Will I be receiving a confirmation letter in the mail for the class I signed up for?

A: We do Not mail out confirmation letters.  All confirmations are emailed or done by phone.  Please write down all the class

 information at this time.

Q: My daughter/Son is 13 years old.  Can they attend your class?

A:  DSHS requires students to be 16 years and over 

Q: Do you offer an online course?

A:  We do NOT offer and online course.  All of our classes are done in person.  You must attend the class to obtain certification.

Q: I attended the first night of class, however, there was a family emergency and I could not attend the second night.  Can I 

reschedule for only the portion I missed?

A:  Yes.  When signing up please let us know that information and we will get you into the next available class to complete the course. 

Q:  I have had training in the past several times and only have to "renew" my certification.  Do I need to attend the entire class?

A:  Yes, you still have to attend the entire class.  Our classes are designed to benefit both renewing and first-time students. 

 Also, the standards are often changing so it is beneficial to attend the entire class.  It does not matter what you may have

 been told by someone else, we strictly follow our guidelines set down by the agencies that license us and are accountable

 to them for the training you receive, we DO NOT cut corners.


Q: How soon will I get the paperwork I need to prove I took the class?

A: You will be given a wallet card that states the card is good for 2 years, the card also lists the following: CPR

 (infant/child/adult), BBP, First Aid. You will also be given a certificate that states you completed CPR

 (infant/child/adult), BBP/First Aid. The certificate does NOT state the expiration date, only the wallet card

 has the date in which you need to renew your class. You will be given BOTH of these at the end of the

 class, if you some reason you only get one of these items PLEASE ask your instructor for the other item.

Q: What if I cant attend the class I signed up for?

A: If you cannot attend a class after you have enrolled please contact us and let us know you will not be

 there. This frees space for a fellow foster parent to attend the much needed (and required) training.


Q:   I registered online for a Foster Parent course but never received confirmation. 

A:  You should receive a confirmation within 24 hours.  If you did not, please check your spam/junk mail

 folder as well.  If you still did not receive confirmation please contact us by phone.