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I attended your "Keep the Beat" class yesterday, Sat. 4/14/07.  I wanted to commend your agency & particularly the instructor, Lisa Anderson, for an excellent training session.  I am required to attend these classes for my foster care license.  I look forward to working with your agency in the future when I need to renew my skills.  I have attended many courses & trainings for my position as a Crisis Intervention Specialist at Care Crisis Response Services in Everett, as well as for personal continuing education.  Lisa was the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She skillfully covered a wide range of information in a succinct, timely manner that kept the class interesting, while showing a sense of caring & warmth, as well as her delightful personality.  The student manual is well written & highly informative.  The hands-on coaching we received for CPR was wonderful & helped me to feel confident that I could perform CPR in an emergency situation.
I will be recommending your service to my employer, colleagues, friends & other foster parents.
Thank you for providing such a valuable service!
Geri G.
Lynnwood, WA


Hi Tamara,
My name is Randy B.  I just completed the 1st Aid/CPR training last night at Everett Community College.  Narscisa Hodges was the instructor.
I have been an elementary school teacher for the past 23 years.  I have my Masters Degree, plus 60 credits beyond that.  I have sat through so many workshops and classes in my career that I have no idea how many there have been!  I was not really looking that forward to sitting through another one, especially 1st Aid/CPR.  So, it was really, really surprising to me just how much I thoroughly enjoyed Narscisa's instruction... She is very, very good and I was extrememly impressed with her knowledge base and how much I laughed!  She made the class very enjoyable.  I honestly thought that she has been doing this for years and years.
Anyway, I very seldom have ever sent an email to anyone's supervisor to compliment the presenter, but in this case, I feel so strongly about just how good she is that I wanted to let you know!
Randy B
Monroe School District


I want to thank the folks at Keep the Beat for a great class.  Scott made the time fly, he’s a great teacher!   We even got a little “extra” info regarding how to treat bloody noses…seems as foster’s of rowdie preteen boys we get a lot of those!  I took my class a few weeks earlier at Allenmore (gosh, two nights I drove there….) and this one day Saturday format was so much better.  Now I have my hubby certified and we can carry on.
L. A. Schwartz


Hi there, I just wanted to send a quick note about a First Aid class I took with Darrin Heike in Centralia, WA.  I was really impressed with him!  He is a GREAT instructor.  I was entertained as well as educated in this area.  In the past I have dreaded going to First Aid classes, so here is to hoping that he is instructing for a long time to come!  Thank you so much for having someone like him available!
Katrina M.


I just wanted to pass along a note and let you all know how much I enjoyed the class.  I found it to be very detailed, and enjoyable to listen to.  Both my husband and I appreciated the stories used within the class to help us remember, and the memory suggestions.  I enjoyed the practicality explanation on why you do things in helping to remember.  I think I'll retain this information much longer than I did with other CPR classes.  I also found the first aid kit to be very practical and enjoyed how the instructor (the Fairley's) went through the first Aid kit and explained the many uses for many different things.  That was very helpful.  Over all I found the class beneficial and am talking with my Pastor about doing once a year session with our children volunteers.  Thanks!
Sarah F.



hello, my name is J. Johnson and I just wanted you to know how great lisa is. I had a cpr/firstaid class taught by her in vancouver. I had three people with me, we are trying to become foster parents, and one of us thought the class was for cpr, she couldn't come the next night. lisa said no problem, if we would stay after class, she would not only certify stacie, she would also certify us. how wonderful. the instruction she gave us, there was also two other people, was excellent. I am a pediatric nurse and after taking millions, not really, of cpr classes, I have finally got it..lisa was awesome. I can't say enough good things about her. after the class with us, that she didn't have to give, she had to drive home, a two hour drive. what an asset to your company. I look forward to seeing her in two years when my time comes up again. thank you for making my life easier,
 J Johnson
Vancouver WA


Hi Tamara,
A few weeks ago, my husband and I took your class in Pasco.  I've been through 4 or 5 other CPR classes over the years and this was the best by far.  It was obvious that you really know the material and I appreciated the extra time you took to answer our questions during the break and after class.  I learned more in your class than in all the other ones I've had put together.  The pace was perfect - not too fast and not too slow.
Thanks and great job!
Mariah Z.
Future foster parent :-)
Burbank, WA


Thank you so much for this class.  You are by far the best instructor I've been thru.  Monika the 7 1/2 yr old, loved the class and you.  She was so excited when I told her last night she could attend.
So again thank you and we hope you have a Great Easter!!

Dolly L. M.
(Spokane WA)
God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called


I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to washougal yesterday to teach the class to me and my wonderful support group of friends/family!  I have had nearly all of them come to me now and tell me how much they enjoyed the class- how well you presented it and made it interesting for so many hours, and how much they appreciated the opportunity to be there.
thank you, thank you, thank you! it was awesome!! :)
~Shana H. Washougal WA


I wanted to take a moment and talk to you about the experiences I've had with Keep The Beat. It seems that people always make the time to talk about negative experiences, but people rarely take the time to speak about the positive. And that's is what I've had with Keep the Beat. All positive interactions.
I took the job as Foster Care licensor here at our Tribe (Makah) in April of 2006. Being a new Foster Care Licensor, I was given the task of setting up 1st Aid/CPR and BBP training for prospective foster parents/relative care providers. Normally, in a city that isn't really a big deal, but we are a rural Tribe, up in Neah Bay We are 60 miles to the nearest town.and that would bring about some challenges.  We would have to send our foster parents out of town.  Or,  the only other option for us would be to send our students to the CPR class through our own EMT sponsored classes in Neah Bay. There are a couple issues with that also. Typically, the class would include infant and child CPR, however, the certification would be only good for 1 year and it doesn't include BBP and we'd have to pay $36.00 per student!
I was advised by my DLR to call Keep the Beat and see if they would come to Neah Bay to do a class. I gave them a call and that's when I had my first interaction with Tammy Fairley. I was pleasantly surprized to hear from her that it would be no problem for Keep the Beat to come out to Neah Bay. They came out for the first time last summer and the reponse from the participants of the class was great! I attended the class myself and I was impressed at how organized and timely everything went. They showed up when they said they would. the class started on time and it also ended on time. Tammy brought along an invoice and we were able to have a check waiting for her. It was so nice not to have to pay for the foster parents after paying for the classes for them all these years! Overall, things went so well that I asked Tammy if she'd be interested in coming back to Neah Bay this year and she didn't even hesitate to say yes. So that's where we sit now. She is coming out next month and I'm really happy to have met her and start up a real positive relationship with a company that serves our little community well. It has really made a positive impact on the licensing process for us.
Tammie Hawkins
Makah Family Services
Foster Care Licensor


We really enjoyed the class in Aberdeen.  I probably have never critiqued a class with such high ratings.  It was lively, interesting and even enjoyable.  Thanks for providing such good training!!  
Teresa E.
Aberdeen WA


Dear Tamara,  This past week I was enrolled in your Infant/Child/Adult CPR & First Aid Training Course.   It was  FABULOUS!  I started taking CPR classes in l985 when I was a volunteer Fire Fighter.  I  have had to take classes periodically over the years.  I have to say that your class was far above the usual.  I walked away with so much vital information from you.  It was worth every minute spent.  I wish you could train other teachers to equip us like you did this week.  With the coming hard times ahead of us I know that our training will come to good use.    Thank you for all you do, Tamara.  I do wish there were more instructors like you!  
 Debra L. W.
Oak Harbor, WA


      Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed your class!  I have taken quite a few CPR classes and your class was by FAR the best and most informative.  I loved the fact that you kept the class engaged the entire time and added so many stories and personal experiences to keep the class so interesting.  For the first time I left a CPR class feeling confident that I will know what to do if I ever need to administer First Aid or CPR!  Thank you!!
I also let the PRIDE instructors know how great the class was and my fellow classmates agreed!  Keep up the good work!! 

Jennifer F.
Spokane WA 


Thanks for the class last Saturday. 

Anita is a great teacher.  Make class lots of fun and we learned a bunch.
If this does not go to Anita, would you tell you THANKS. 


We just finished our second night of CPR/AIDS training with Anita.  We wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Anita was a fabulous teacher.  We really took away a lot of valuable lessons.  Anita has a wonderful way of demonstrating what she is trying to teach us.  She also shared a lot of real life experiences that really helped us understand what kind of situations we could run into and how to handle them. 
Kim and Jack E



I got your email from the student manual. I just took a CPR/First Aid training 
from Lisa. I just want to send you a little email to tell you that our 
instructor Lisa was amazing!! I have worked with kids for 15 years, so you can 
only imagine how many times I had to take these classes. She is clear, thorough, 
and very informative. Best instructor I ever had!  

Enessa O


 I'd like to give kudos to Bill and Richard for a job well done during the CPR/First Aid training class. They were very in sync with each other which made the instruction fun. The last time I had taken a CPR class was in the 7th grade (years ago), so getting a refresher for foster care licensing was great.



I am not sure who to get this email to, I hope you can forward as necessary.  We took the Keep The Beat CPR class recently (Moses Lake 4/14)  and let me tell you, I enjoyed it immensely.  I am an old, rusty RN who was quite nervous about being so out of touch.  The instructor led the class at our level so that it was easy to follow, entertaining, and educational.  Back in my day, I have had to take many CPR classes, and I would rate this one of the best.  Never once did we feel pressure, nor did we feel uneducated-she was positive, encouraging and talked at a level we could understand.  She used an incredible amt of examples for us to picture what would happen, and walked us thru the scenarios.  It was educational for the 15 year olds, and the old nurse-it was very good, please tell her thank you.  Debra J


I want to say this was the very best class I have ever taken the instructers were very very good. It was very informitive and clear thank you so much! Dani K


Just thought I would give you some feedback on the class we took.

Anita was awesome!  She was funny, informative and a patient teacher!  
We learned more than I thought we would and I look forward to taking 
her class when we need a refresher course.

Thank you,
T Swank and family


HI Tamara! 
I just wanted to get home ASAP so I could email you to tell you how much I enjoyed my three hours with Anita in my CPR class this evening in Kennewick!  This is my fourth time in CPR.  Honestly, I was NOT looking forward to another boring class.  UGH!  BUT THIS WAS FANTASTIC!  I learned so much more than I had expected!  I "think" I have a little credibility as I have taught jr. high and high school for over 15 years and I am a children's entertainer AND have a MM in theatre.  AH!  I know just how difficult it can be to teach and make a subject interesting for a diverse room of people and ages.  She had ALL OF US engaged...from age eight to 70!  She was animated, organized, thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and very personable!  THANK YOU so very much for having her on your team!  I feel soooo much more prepared as she explained the WHY behind all of the procedures and THAT made a HUGE difference in what my teeny-weeny brain retained!  HA!  I am really looking forward to tomorrow night First Aid/AIDS class!  YA-HOO!  
Have a wonderful day!


 Just a quick note on the training I received on Saturday the 19th in Tumwater. The instructor was thorough and professional. I was pleasantly surprised at the CRP and especially the AED training I received. She was informative and appeared to have a genuine concern for the successful understanding of the concepts. Overall a great training event and one that was worth attending. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope the state compensates you for the service you provide to current and potential foster homes. Please extend my thanks to the instructor and anyone else who would benefit from receiving this. Thank you and have a great day.

Craig D. M


I just completed your Lynnwood CPR Class.


As a foster parent I have to take the CPR

class every two years.  Often the class is

boring and tedious but a requirement.


This class was delightful! 


Sunny is articulate, informative, to the point,

engaging and very attentive to our needs.  I

believe it was the first time I actually completed the class say,

"Wow, I enjoyed that"


Thank you so much for the experience.


Pam M


Hello, My name is Stuart H. On Tuesday, I attended Lisa's CPR refresher course for Central Co-op. I just wanted to say thank you for your detailed instruction. It came in handy yesterday!
A male in his late twenties apparently had a heroin overdose in our bathroom around 7:30pm last night. A co-worker noticed that our time motion sensor light was off, yet the door was locked. She notified me so I investigated. With no answer at the door and the motion sensor light was still off, I figured someone was unconscious. I retrieved the emergency bathroom key from a nearby locked cabinet. When I returned to the bathroom, the light was still off (We could see under the door) and there was still no response with an even louder knock. At this point I said, "I'm coming in" and there he was, laying face-down in his own vomit. I turned him over and discovered his lips were blue so I began CPR immediately after telling people to call 911, wait outside for the ambulance, and to get me some gloves and a facemask. I know we don"t 'need' to do breaths, but since I didn't know how long he had been without oxygen, , I gave 2 breaths as soon as I was handed the mouth guard. After two rounds of 30 compressions and 2 breaths, he came to and tried pushing me away. I stopped immediately and tried getting his attention. A few seconds later, his eyes rolled back into his head and he started to lose color again. I continued CPR until the ambulance arrived. By the time he left the building on the gurney, he was conscious (barely). Twenty minutes later, I was in the checkstand selling groceries. What a rush!
Anyway, I just thought you'd find that story interesting since the odds are astronomical that we just had the training on Tuesday, and on Friday.
Thank you!!
Stuart H.


Just wanted to let you know that my instructor from last week's class in Redmond saved my life today.  She explained that women were more likely to hide in a restroom when choking, out of embarrassment. I had a serious anaphylactic reaction in a restaurant today and after more than a minute of being totally unable to breath in the restroom where I was hiding, I thought of her story, decided embarrassment was better than death, and I stumbled out using the sign for choking before passing out. My son called 911, they arrived amazingly quickly, and now I'm still here alive and breathing caring for my six sons.

I appreciate the training and especially the real-life stories my instructor shared. My family is quite happy to have me around still. :-)

Mary C


Just a quick note to especially say thank you for your training in Bellingham in early July (July 8 & 9).  Your training was highly effective, as I had opportunity to put it to good use.
Last Friday, I was playing racquetball with 3 other guys at our local YMCA.  Half way through a game, Monte collapsed right in front of me.  He began convulsing and I knelt beside him.  Suddenly, he stopped breathing complete.
I immediately began CPR and giving breaths (and praying).  Another buddy ran out to call 911 and see if there was an AED available.  While I continued CPR, the AED was applied and then administered a total of 2 shocks.  Finally the medical emergency team arrived and took over for me.
The long story short is that the med team worked for another hour on the floor having attached the CPR machine, intubated and shocked Monte another 8 times before transporting him to the hospital.  After surgery, hypothermia, heart machine, etc. Monte has begun to recover seemingly without permanent brain damage - truly a miracle! 
Again, I want to say "thank you" as your training was SO very clear and useful.  It literally saved a life!!! 
Best Regards,
Doug T.

 Bellingham WA


First of all we'd like to thank you for the informative presentation and instruction we received while attending your CPR and First Aid Class. By far your class has to be one of the most through and most comprehensive first aid class I've attended to date. We were both very pleased at the manner in which the classes were conducted and feel fully prepared to administer such aid if the need arises. Thank you for making us feel welcomed and allowing us to be part of such a wonderful class.
With warm regard,
The Williams Family
November 14/15 2016

I attended the best Infant/Child/Adult CPR/First Aide training to date! Our instructor was wonderful, up to date on all current information having to do with saving lives and administering first aide to both adults and children. Tamara had the patience to listen,correct, and demonstrate proper  technic  without embarrassing us as students. I also commend her passion for what she does, it comes through clearly that Tamara's goal is to equip us to save lives. Thank you.


Joshua D




Thank you SOOOOOO much!

Our daughter who came with us to the classes (Ella) has been talking about her new skills to her siblings.  We bought some pocket masks and when they arrived, she wanted to demonstrate how to use them.  She also keeps saying "blood to blood is BAD!"  Hahaha.  Thanks for teaching us and making it fun for her.

Thanks again,
Nancy B






 I took the class on 7/20/17 and must say there are a lot of things I was not aware of. Lisa was a really good instructor.

Thank you

Linda H.







 Hi Tamara,


Just wanted to say thanks for the great work of your instructor Lisa Anderson. I visited with a veteran foster family last week who are required to repeat the course every two years – so this is their 9th time. They were in the Bremerton class on 1/11/18. They remarked that Lisa is an excellent teacher and kept the class fun and interesting. I have a soft spot for our foster families and it is nice to know that Keep the Beat cares enough to make this requirement is so easy to swallow – and even enjoyable!


Deirdre Prince
Licensing Coordinator

Silverdale, WA